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Substitution of  methyl chloroform with  an isopropanol and heptane mixture, as spot-washing alternative in textile dyeing and finishing company

Substitution of sulfuric acid used  for re-pulping  process in a paper company

Five Chemicals Alternatives Assessment Study

Substitution of perchloroethylene in the cleaning of garments

Screening study to identify reductions in VOC emissions due to restrictions in the VOC content of products

Healthy business strategies for transforming the Toxic Chemical Economy

Solvent substitution. Implementation case studies.

Evaluation of Solvent Substitutes

A review of different fire retardant technologies from a safe environmental hazard and risk performance.

Evaluation of different halogen-free flame retardants in polypropylene formulations as alternatives to flame retardants containing halogens.

Chemical treatment of rubber, wood, leather or metal which protects, preserves and renews the surface of the material. An alternative to carbon black.

Phase-out of chrome (III) in tanning processes by switching to vegetable based tanning.

Substitution of PVC and phthalate plasticizer carpet backing by a mixture of materials (EcoWorx) the primary component of which is a food grade low density polyethylene (LDPE).

Guidance on alternatives to the flame retardant Pentabromodiphenylether.

A new water repellent surface treatment which contain no fluorocarbons or isocyanates, to be used on textiles and other fiber-based materials.

An alternative to PFC in breathable membranes for textiles.

Animal dolls made without synthetic materials, flame-retardants, allergens or PVC

Replacement of sulfur hexafluoride by nitrogen in sport shoes

An alternative to phthalates: Novel plastic softener produced from castor oil and acetic acid

Wallpaper made ​​with natural fibers are a better alternative compared to synthetic fibers

Pressurised water as alternative to cleaning of rotary screen in the textile sector

A bio-based polymer with multiple applications  as substitute for poly(ethylene terephthalate)

Technical paper on the identification and assessment of alternatives to the use of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid in open applications

Substitution of perchloroethylene by iso-alkanes C11-C15 in the cleaning of garments

Substitution of toluene, benzene and cyclohexane in the treatment of leather for footwear manufacture

Traditional techniques as alternative to chemical sizing and retting of textiles fibres

Potentially environmentally sounder alternatives to PFOS compounds and PFOA

Deca-BDE and Alternatives in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)

Water-based technology to produce polyurethane and polyester/polyamide microfibers

A biodegradable, protein-based biopolymer to replace acrylic resins and their additives in textile printing

An alternative to APEO to reduce yellowing in polyamide, polyester and their blends with elastane fibers during heat-setting.

An alternative to PVC and phthalates in high density plastisol prints.

Replacement of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEO) compounds in textile production processes by alkyl ether ethoxylates (AEO) compounds

Substitution of phthalates from childrenswear prints

A new fluorine-free (PFC-free) water-repellent for textiles

Substitution of decroline with sodium dithionite or borohydride in textile industry

Substitution of phthalates in textile print applications

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Formaldehyde

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Alkanes, C10-13, chloro (SCCP)

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Perchloroethylene

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Nonylphenol and Ethoxylates

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment – Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD)

Root cause investigation of PFOS contaminations in leather garments

Fluorine-free alternatives for the fluorocarbon technology used in the manufacture of water-repellent textiles

Substitution of DecaBDE with non-halogenated alternatives in textile applications

Substitution of the C8-fluorocarbon technology used in the manufacture of water- and oil-repellent textiles

PFC-free water-repellent textiles

Leather treatment with a natural tanning agent made from olive leaves

Substitution of a C8 Fluorocarbon with a C6 Fluorocarbon for the manufacture of textiles with water repellent properties

Identification and substitution of a bulking agent used in the cleaning of dyeing machines containing Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEOs) with non-APEO alternatives

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