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About the Project – old

Objectives of the SUBSPORT project

Internet portal

The goal of the SUBSPORT project is to develop an internet portal that constitutes a state-of-the-art resource on safer alternatives to the use of hazardous chemicals. It should be a source of not just information on alternative substances and technologies, but also of tools and guidance for substance evaluation and substitution management.

Substitution tool

The portal is intended to support companies in fulfilling substitution requirements of EU legislation, such as those specified under the REACH authorisation procedure, the Water Framework Directive or the Chemical Agents Directive. Furthermore other stakeholders like authorities, environmental and consumer organisations as well as scientific institutions will benefit from the portal.


In addition, the project aims to create a network of experts and stakeholders who are active in substitution. The network should assist in content development and promotion of the portal as well as ensuring sustainable updates and maintenance. This will contribute to the project’s goal of raising awareness and promoting safer alternatives. Furthermore, training on substitution methodology and alternatives assessment will be provided.

What is integrated in the Substitution Support Portal

The project partners offer the following information on the internet portal SUBSPORT and make it publicly available in four languages:

Expected Results

SUBSPORT offers systematic and reliable information on substitution in the form of a database. The aim is to promote practical substitution activities in many sectors and enterprises, i.e.:

  • initiation of many practical substitution processes
  • support in achieving compliance with legal substitution requirements
  • network of experts for updating, quality management and dissemination of the portal
  • leading database for substitution worldwide

Project duration: 3 years, Jan 2010 – March 2013.

Here you can download all important information in form of the SUBSPORT leaflet or folder.

Financial Support

  • LIFE+ Programme of the European Union
  • BAuA – Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Germany
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria


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