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À propos du portail

Substitution is a core action to reduce the risks hazardous chemicals pose to the environment and public health. However finding a safer substitute can be a challenging task – the SUBSPORT web portal is your resource to facilitate this work.

SUBSPORT is a free-of-charge, multilingual platform for information exchange on alternative substances and technologies, as well as tools and guidance for substance evaluation and substitution management.

The SUBSPORT web portal aims to be the first entry point for anyone interested in substituting hazardous chemicals, to support companies in fulfilling substitution requirements within EU legislation, as well as being a resource for other stakeholders such as authorities, environmental and consumer organisations, and scientific institutions.

You are welcome to use SUBSPORT and to share your substitution experience in our growing case story database.

The following information is publicly available in four languages:

SUBSPORT is currently extended with information specific to the textile industry (see SUBSPORT Textile).

Maintenance and basic update of the SUBSPORT portal is guaranteed until 2017. We continue to look for funders to be able to realise future comprehensive updates and extensions of the SUBSPORT information portfolio.

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