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Project team

Project management

KOOP, Hamburg

The Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH (KOOP) specialises in matters involving occupational safety and health and protection of the environment. The main goal of KOOP is to improve development possibilities for companies and their personnel via joint projects and consulting.

KOOP has developed special service activities, which range from the measurement of hazardous substances in ambient air ( to the development of multilingual and interactive tools for better process design in industry, namely metal surface cleaning ( KOOP is currently developing a large information database for small and medium sized enterprises about chemicals and preparations in the metal industry (

In the past, KOOP has conducted a number of international substitution projects in the printing, metal and construction industry. It has prepared – together with Oekopol – a large EU study on substitution for DG Environment (2003) and contributed considerably to the substitution recommendations of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety, a WHO sub-organisation.

Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH

Dr. Ellen Schmitz-Felten, Tel.: +49 (0)40 76629 2443

Dr. Isabella Banduch, Tel.: +49 (0)40 76629 2445


Project Partners

ISTAS, Madrid

The „Instituto Sindical de Trabajo Ambiente y Salud“ (ISTAS) is a self-managed trade union’s technical foundation supported by the Spanish Trade Union Confederation CCOO to promote the improvement of working conditions, occupational health and safety and environmental protection in Spain.

The foundation has acquired a solid expertise and a wide experience on chemical risk over the last eleven years. Chemical risk has been tackled as a transverse theme across occupational health and environment, promoting an integrated approach to risks and prevention measures.

ISTAS has a large experience in the substitution of dangerous chemical in many different sectors (metal, textiles, tanneries, janitorial, laboratories, etc.) and products. ISTAS has developed an on-line tool for the assessment of alternatives based on the German Column Model (, maintains a Web database on alternatives ( and has developed a methodology for worker Reps. to promote substitution. ISTAS has an ongoing work area on the improvement of the assessment of alternatives.

Instituto Sindical de Trabajo Ambiente y Salud

Sara Pérez, Tel: +34 914 491040 248

Dolores Romano


ChemSec, Gothenburg

The International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to working towards a toxic free environment. The move towards a toxic free environment will have to involve a major shift in minds and practices for most stakeholders; industry, consumers, research and development, politicians, civil servants, etc. ChemSec therefore work actively with business, academic institutions, legislators and NGOs in this effort ( Examples for the network of substitution stakeholders: The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI), IPEN and CPA.

International Chemical Secretariat

Anna Lennquist, PhD, +46 31 799 91 28

Jerker Ligthart, Tel.: +46 31 711 01 52


Grontmij A/S, Copenhagen

is a consultancy company which offers consultancy services within the spheres of building, construction, water, the environment, occupational health, energy and industry. Its mission is to create sustainable improvements of people’s working and private lives. Grontmij is responsible – in daily actions and through ethical, environmental and social practice. Grontmij is committed to UN Global Compact and implement the principles of this program in its work.

The consultancy has a special focus on small and medium sized enterprises concerning tools and information activities. Grontmij is authorized by the Danish Working Environment Agency to carry out occupational health consultancy in the area of chemical risks and substitution (

Grontmij A/S

Lone Ankjær, Tel.: +45 4348 6030


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