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Alternatives Identification and Assessment Training

The overall goal of the Alternatives Identification and Assessment training is to provide basic concepts and tools to help participants to get started in substitution processes, understand the different stakeholders involved and their interests, which substances are of most concern, how and where to look for new ideas and alternatives and get introduced to existing tools to assess alternatives.

The concept has been developed for a 4 hours training session with around 20 participants. A sample programme including all activities may be the following:

  • Introduction to the session. (15min )
  • The substitution process. (60 min)
  • Identification of chemicals of high concern. (20 min)
  • How and where to identify alternatives. (60 min)
  • Alternatives assessment. (110 min)
  • Cost assessment. (40 min)

Apart from that, the training programme can be adapted taking into account the participants’ background and interests, the time available and the number of participants.

The training session targets authorities, industry, trade unions, NGOs and other interested parties dealing with the substitution of hazardous chemicals in products and processes with safer alternatives.

Materials are available in English, French, German and Spanish. The training sessions cover various regions of the European Union. Additional sessions even outside the EU are feasible using the free materials, but trainer’s costs have to be considered.

The training programme is certified by the Association of German Safety Engineers (VDSI). Participants can collect two points for the topic occupational safety and one point for the topic environmental protection.

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If you are interested in attending or organising an Alternatives Identification and Assessment training session please contact us.

Date Place Organiser Language Invitation
30 Oct 2011 Madrid (Spain) ISTAS Spanish
13 Dec 2011 Barcelona (Spain) CPRAC English website
27 Jan 2012 Paris (France) ETUI English
15 Feb 2012 Cairo (Egypt) CPRAC, ENCPC English
7 March 2012 Madrid (Spain) CCOO Spanish
23 April 2012 Bucharest (Romania) OSH Institute-INCDPM English PDF, website
3 May 2012 Zaragoza (Spain) University of Zaragoza, CCOO Aragón Spanish
1 June 2012 Malmö (Sweden) TEM Swedish website
4 June 2012 Vejle (Denmark) Green Network Danish PDF, website
15 June 2012 Webinar Haufe-Lexware German website
4 Sept 2012 Dresden (Germany) BAUA German website
19 Sept 2012 Jutland (Denmark) Miljønetværk Syd Danish PDF, website
26 Sept 2012 Malmö (Sweden) CleanMed Europe conference English website
2 Oct 2012 Gothenburg (Sweden) KEMI, Swerea Swedish
30 Nov 2012 Jutland (Denmark) Danish
14 Dec 2012 Webinar Haufe-Lexware German website
4 Feb 2013 Zaragoza (Spain) CCOO Aragón Spanish
25 March 2013 HangZhou (China) Greenpeace English  website
12 Sept 2013 Hamburg (Germany) Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE German PDF, website
14 Nov 2013 Hamburg (Germany) Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE German PDF, website
20 March 2014 Hamburg (Germany) Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE German PDF, website
20 and 21 June 2014 Belgrade (Serbia) ALHem – Safer Chemicals Alternative English / Serbian website
18-19 Nov 2014 Algiers (Algeria) SCP/RAC English / French website
20 Nov 2014 Hamburg (Germany) Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE German PDF, website
9 Dec 2014 Bonn (Germany) Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel-Industrie German

Comprehensive training materials, recommended to complement the SUBSPORT training concept, can be found here.


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