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1. What do you think is the most relevant information we can provide to motivate enterprises to substitute?

Case stories from enterprises including information on chemicals, costs and technologiesLegal requirementsRisk assessment of hazardous substances and alternativesLists of prohibited, restricted and undesirable substances from national and international organizations and enterprisesTools for the evaluation of substitution measures including influence factors such as:

    Occupational safety and healthEnvironmentConsumer safetyCostsTechnology

Your own proposals about needed content:

2. Do you have any examples of successful or unsuccessful substitution cases in your enterprise or industry?


3. Would you be willing to share your experience on substitution if we contact you?


4. What are in your view important software features for the SUBSPORT portal?

Interactive elements as e.g. extensive and specific search functionDisplay options to filter the level of information detailNewsForum for the exchange among expertsForum for general users and expertsContact form for specific substitution questionsFAQ

Other features:

5. Could you recommend any other person, enterprise or institution involved in substitution issues?




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